Piggy Personality's!

  1. Lishar
    Lets tell each other about our pigs Personality's!

    I will start...

    Skittles is very shy, quiet and skittish but still adorable! (I got Skittles before Mo.) And when I weighed him today he was: 780 grams

    And Mo is the dominant pig he is also brave, loudish annnnddd...Oh! Energetic! When I weighed him today he was about 680 grams! (Mo is a little younger)

    What are your pigs like?
  2. MochaAndMoo
    Mocha: Mocha is a ball of sass, she has a huge abby-tude and loves cilantro, she is also very loud!.. Weight: 800g
    Moo: Moo is very loud, but very shy! She is the most dominant piggy of all and loves cuddles! Weight: 760g
    Meeka: Meeka is very quiet, but is definitely a lover for food! She can scoff up an entire cup of veggies before you can say Wheek! Weight: 1190g
  3. Jj_and_piggies
    Frankie: Frankie is a curious and skittish bundle of fur he always makes noises while his exploring the cage, he is not a big fan of cuddles. Frankie weighs 356g at 4 weeks old.
    Gilbert: Gilbert is a shy furry piggie, he is quiet skittish and very quiet, loves to be cuddled and he never wants to let go. He is always the fist one to steal a carrot from my hand and run away. Gilbert weighs 389g at 6 weeks old
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