The Piggies Of The Poppies: Your Pigs!

  1. Zuidy
    Hello everyone! Welcome to discussion NO. 2 of the Piggy Poppies group.

    We now have a good base of members here, so I thought I should start a new discussion.

    Let's post info on all of our Pigs! Names, gender, breed+colors, distinguishing characteristics, weight, age, what size C&C they have, PIGtures if you wish and whatever else you want to add.



    Lil' Babe


    -American Shorthaired, Brown, Black, and White

    -2 pounds

    -1 year old

    -Distinguishing Characteristics: Steals food from sister, COULD popcorn over the grids of her cage


    Big Sis'


    -Abyssinian, Black and White

    -2 pounds

    -1 year old

    -Distinguishing Characteristics: GRUMPY, (a lot of Abbys are, though!) super teeth-chattering powers, agile enough to escape from me when I try to get her out of her cage, (hasn't done it yet, though!)


    So, Poppies and Mommies, what are your Pigs like?
  2. guineapigs2468
    This may take awhile, I have 6 piggies....

    -Rose oldest piggy, set as my avatar on the left
    -Abyssinian, black, white and brown
    - Just under 1 year old
    -Characteristics: Cheeky, has the abytude but once caught is secretly very cuddly.

    -American shorthaired, black with lots of caramel splodges
    -10 months old
    - characteristics: super fast, makes a big commotion when being picked up. Loves veggies and is slowly settling in even if I have had her for 6 months

    -American shorthaired, black with one caramel splodge on her left shoulder
    -I believe she is butterscotches sister, not positive
    -10 months old
    -characteristics: shy, likes quiet areas and prefers to just relax

    -American shorthaired, pure black with one white hair on her forehead
    -10 months old
    -characteristics:More chilled out that my other piggies, likes to be stroked and fed veggies

    - Female
    - American shorthaired, pure brown
    - I believe biscuit is her sister, again not positive
    -10 months old
    - Characteristics: Smallest of the group and a bit of a squirmer. I also believe she might have a lazy eye, she likes to settle on your lap and eat grass.

    -Maisy, youngest piggy
    -Merino, black, white and brown
    -5-6 months old
    -characteristics: once caught she is very loveable and loves cuddles and veggies. In her cage I think she is a bit docile, hard to explain that but you would know what I mean if you saw her.

    So that's my 6 piggies !
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