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  1. AnimalHouse36

    This is something I found on Thought some people could relate to it since it's a guinea pig.

    Note from Teresa/CavySpirit: This group is NOT to discuss what you don't like about PETA.
  2. CavySpirit
    I didn't know that.
  3. AnimalHouse36
    Yeah, they do the same to rabbits and looks like we're the only one's who openly support PETA.

    *Sigh* LOL.
  4. yo FOO xD
    yo FOO xD
    Wait! You're not the only ones, me too.
  5. ColoradoMama
    I think there are people that support PETA and what it stands for, but feel that it lumps them in with a particular type of people (perhaps fanatical, extreme) and they're just not comfortable being stereotyped. I think if you openly support PETA, and tell people you do, you have to be prepared for some negative reactions and sometimes, some pretty nasty comments. Not everyone deals with confrontation like that very well, so they stay in the PETA closet.
  6. AnimalHouse36
    CM: I used to be in the closet...then i learned more about them!
  7. MCR_Rox
    The one thing I don't like about PETA, though is how many animals they euthanize in their shelter. However, I believe that they save more animals than kill.
  8. CavySpirit
    MCR: The REASON this group was created was for supporters of PETA. We just got done with a huge forum fight over that issue--and one person ended up getting banned because she couldn't play by rules.

    This group IS NOT to discuss what you don't like about PETA.
  9. MCR_Rox
    I'm very sorry .
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