McCruelty-- PETA's Latest Campaign

  1. MCR_Rox
    "In the U.S., chickens killed by McDonald's suppliers are slaughtered using an outdated method that results in extreme suffering. As the biggest seller of chicken meat in the U.S., McDonald's has the responsibility—and the ability—to reduce this abuse by demanding that its U.S. suppliers use a less cruel method of slaughter."

    Their fries aren't even vegetarian! They have beef flavor inside of them or something. Yuck.
  2. auburnmare5
    Wow, eating at McDonalds and most fast food chains these days, you can't get much that doesn't have meat in it!!!!
  3. AnimalHouse36
    auburn: Well it's simple, stop eating there! They're unhealthy and cruel...I know I've stopped. I never ate there much anyway!
  4. xoLauraox09
    Their fries have MEAT in them!!!? Ewh, I used to eat them!
  5. sdpiggylvr
    Yeah, this totally ruined my love for those greasy yet delicious (yet cruel) fries.
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