Favorite Genre

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  1. Carhea
    I absolutely love romance books, but adventure ones like the Da Vinci Code are awesome. I also love the supernatural type stories like the Potter series and Vampires. A great teen author of Vampire stories is Amelia Atwater Rhodes. I agree with Priil, even smut has its amusement
  2. Carhea
    I absolutely love Romance stories, but also read fantasy like the Harry Potter series and Vampire books. I love Dan Brown and Star Trek books by Peter David. I am a complete nerd with what I read, but I still love to read.
  3. Tessa Bea
    Tessa Bea
    I enjoy mostly Thrillers/Horror, and Self-Help.
  4. ChristyG
    Hmm, this is a hard one, so many! I love romance, but I also love non-fiction, any kind of story fiction or not that deals with animals. I also like paranormal romance-like vamps, werewolves, etc( I am a Twilight fan)
  5. bambiflowerlove
    Fiction. I really love the whole fantasy in real life thing, and reading is just so amazing, I'm running out of material!
  6. cam767
    Ok...first post here. Be gentle. ;-) Anyways, I guess it depends on my mood. I like romance, mystery & thrillers, historical, some sci-fi, supernatural stuff (vampires, etc.). I guess I could say I DON'T like horror. Gives me nightmares.
  7. GPigs77
    Mystery mostly the hardy boys and nancy drew
  8. Shahbazin
    I like a lot of the SF/Fantasy, plus some mysteries, thrillers, historical, do-it-yourself, education, animal oriented (issues, training, care)... I guess I just like reading!
  9. writingirl15
    I like YA, romance, paranormal, mystery, action/adventure and sometimes Sci-Fi. But overall, I'm a complete sucker for romance -most every book I read has to have just a BIT of romance for me to really want to read it- whether it's YA or adult. I'm also completely fascinated by all things paranormal. So, yeah, I'm one of THOSE girls who read werewolf/ghost/vampire/fae romance novels
  10. Wolfess221
    Wow, I'm just thrilled to have found a book-lovers group on a guinea pig forum. This is fantastic

    Sometimes I find this question hard, but I love fantasy and historical fiction the most. I have a few thrillers in my collection and even a few romance, although those are rare as it's not my favorite read at all. I recently got into mysteries by reading the classic Sherlock Holmes stories (really good by the way, and funny too!). In my library you will also find a lot of non-fiction books on World War One and Two, and on dog training/psychology and other animal books. God I love my library (I would love love LOVE to have one like in Beauty and the Beast ^_^ )
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