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  1. Guineapigpro
    Hello everyone! Welcome to the group. Discussion has been kind of slow lately, so I decided to have an introduction thread to pick things back up.

    I'm Guineapigpro, the group holder. I enjoy making things cheaper for everyone. I believe it promotes bigger cages and happier living for the pigs! I do a lot of research for the group, and do enjoy it at times.

    Also, we have a request page to request where to find a certain item or certain things for cheap. Once you make a request, the answer will not be posted onto the request page. It will be posted as a new discussion. Please feel free to request anything!

    Anyways, back to my bio. I own one piggie. I believe pigs due better in pairs, but medical as other circumstances have faltered that. I'm not going into too much detail here. If you would like to read more, feel free to read this and scroll down to the longest post of the page.

    Also, theres this. Just read the first long post, if your interested.!?highlight=

    This is just for those who are terribly curious. no need to read all of that if you don't want too!

    Anyways again, he lives in a 2x6 C&C cage on stands. He's such a joyful boy and is 3 1/2 years old. Gotta love that boy! So now that you know about me, who are you all?
  2. Gforcepiggies
    I'm Gforcepiggies, because my boys are Darwynn and Juarez from the movie G force. (Don't ask me about it, it was my half sisters idea.) anyways, my boys live in a 2x3 with a 2x2 upper level. I want to expand, but at the moment with college and a tiny apartment, I can't really afford it or make room for it. I am in CSU or Colorado State University vet program and this is my second year. I have two years left, and hope my boys will be on for the entire ride! I have two cats that are very old, they have been around since I was 12, I'm 23 now. They are siblings and basically just sleep.
    I also have a tank full of fish. I am currently treating my Betta fish Gladyator with fin rot. He's doing better today. I used to have quite a few animals, but had to give them away due to budget and housing. I love Instagram, and let my half sister manage my animal account, cats_guineapigs . She visits me every week, and takes loads of photos of the pigs and cats to post later. She comes on here sometimes too.

    I love my pigs and my career choice, and I am so excited to become part of the world!
  3. Guineapigpro
    Welcome! I hope you find this group useful.
  4. Gforcepiggies
  5. Fick2010
    I'm Fick2010, I have 2 boars Harvey aka Harvey two face and Waffles aka Sir Waffleton of Belgium. They live in a 2x4 cc cage. I want to expand and get another, but I need to move into a higger appartment. When I'm at work I try to teach my coworkers that are interested in guinea pigs the proper way to take care of them. I'm obsessed with fleece now that I tried it. I live in Pennsylvania amd work full time...usually second shift sadly.
  6. spudsthepiget
    Hello, everyone! I'm spudsthepiget, but you can call me by my first name, Morgan, if you want. I have 5 pigs; 2 neutered boys and 3 females. There's Guinness and his wife Trudy, Spuds and his wife Mable, and Marybell who has to be alone, because of her aggression. My mom as 6 pigs: Chicken and Waffles, Peanutbutter and Jellybean, and Finley and McKinley. I go over to her house and help her tend the pigs sometimes. All of my pigs and hers have 2x5 C&C cages. Mine have the whole second bedroom of my apartment, and I love to decorate their room for the holidays!

    I'm a substitute para for my school district and I hope to become a published author. Writing and guinea pigs are my passion; I'm always waiting to spring into action about guinea pig care!
  7. Guineapigpro
    I do not allow any kind of cursing in this group, nor does the site permit it. Please report it if found and I will delete it. Thanks!
  8. GuineaPigParty
    Hello, I am GuineaPigParty. I have 4 guinea pigs all females they live in a 2x6 cc cage. I have a wall in the middle of the cage so they have a 2x3 on each side (They all don't get along so I had to put in the wall.) I love shopping for my guinea pigs and learning more about these little animals!
  9. Guineapigpro
    Nice to meet you, Guineapigparty! Your avatar is SO cute!
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