What kind of craft do you do?

  1. Rosiethecutepig
    I do crochet, sometimes I knit, and I like to make stationary!
  2. ItsaZoo
    I sew wee pads, quilted blankets, and beds for the dog and guinea pig. And I do paper projects like greeting cards, scrapbooks, and pictures. I also make beaded jewelry, but haven't during the pandemic since there's no place to go, so no one to see it!
  3. Rosiethecutepig
    My sister used to make jewelry. Then she stopped because she got caught up in nursing school and work. She graduated from nursing school in May and then she didn't really make it anymore, so I stole her beads and stuff, but I don't really do it now because my brothers and dad requested crocheted animal themed slippers AND I'm still making a cat blanket for my sister, so yeah.
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