What have you made and how you make it.

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  1. vicky2
    So, everyone should post what they have made for their pigs and instructions on how to make it. I mean, this is a crafty thread!
  2. Penny
    hi I'm new to the group! I haven't made anything yet but I plan on making some of the little beds. I bought one when I had my first piggy and though I can do this myself. I look forward to posting of what I have made!
  3. xoLauraox09
    I tryed to make a cuddle cup but it fell to bits in 5 minutes after I put it in the cage
  4. ferndalezoo
    The instructions for many of the things I made for my pigs are stickies at the top of the accessories forum.
  5. fernm
    Just a quick note to say I've been making fleece "mattresses" for my GPs and I wrote up a tutorial for how to do it, the link to the PDF is on my blog at http://magnificasti.blogspot.com/201...-crafting.html
  6. Bhawna
    I made hammock for my guinea pigs, and they absolutely loved it. Except when they peed in it and didn't want to go even after I washed it
    It's really simple to make: I took an old top (stiff fabric), cut holes in four corners and tied other pieces of cloth at each corner and then hung it from the top of the roof of their cage. Also, left it at level with the terrace of their house so it is easier for them to climb in or out.
  7. GPigsRSweet
    I've made lots of tunnels, cozies, hammocks, and houses for my pigs. Here's some instructions for a corner hammock: http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/...r-hammock.html And a "hanging bed": http://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/...nging-bed.html

    My pig enjoying the bed:
    Thank you GPigsRSweet! I followed your basic pattern but changed the shape to fit our bunk bed.
  9. mona_caramelo7
    GPigsRSweet I love the hanging bed... will be doing that today for sure
  10. Yah Cumei
    Yah Cumei
    hye i'm a newbie & i just made a cuddle cup for my GP, Summer & also a hammock actually. but he seems to like laying under the hammock instead get into it so i decided to make it a little bit higher so it will look like a tent
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