Musicians, What do you play?

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  1. tehdoc809
    Ok Musicians, What do you play? How Long? and What type of Music?

    ME FIRST!!!

    Instrument(s): Guitar/Bass
    How Long: It will be 10 years this coming Christmas.

    Style: I enjoy anything with a lot of Distortion, Although What I have recently gotten into is learning classical pieces and playing them slightly faster (if they are slow) with lots of distortion.

  2. starshine123102
    Clarinet 4th grade - 12th grade. I haven't picked it up since I graduated 3 years ago though

    I can kinda play the piano

    I wish I could play the guitar, but I have no talent for it. My boyfriend plays it and I get very jealous of him. hehe.
  3. guineapigluver1
    I really want to play the piano and my dad has tried to teach me but I just can't play. I can't figure out all the notes and stuff and I get confused and frustrated. Same thing happened with the guitar, he tried to teach it to me and it was easier for me, but ti still happened. I might try again, but I don't know.
  4. AnimalHouse36
    Haha, I think I have NO msical talent WHAT SO EVER.

    My friends throw things at me when I sing!
  5. Wheek Weak
    Wheek Weak
    I play guitar and keyboard (started with an old-fashioned organ).

    Mostly oldies (60's & 70's) and classic gospel.

    Nothing professional...just something to play around with when I have the time for it.
  6. tehdoc809
    I think that the guitar would be easier than the piano, because even though you have your hands doing two different things, they are in sync, where as with the piano your left hand is doing something, sometimes completely different from your right hand.
  7. dra&pigs
    I've played flute for...four years now I believe. I can play a bit of piano but its mostly just me fooling around.
  8. fieryone
    In middle school I wanted to play either the drums or the flute but my mother nixed them both and pressured me to play the clarinet. I lasted from about 5th-7th grade with it since it wasn't what I wanted to play.

    Does Guitar Hero or Rock Band count?
  9. starshine123102
    No hating on the clarinet! I played it for 9 years.
  10. starshine123102
    I find it amusing that I can't play the guitar, drums or sing to save my life but I am pretty good at guitar hero. I can play them all on hard and if I kept it up would proably have gotten expert too.
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