1. guineapig14
    Hi, I have wanted a horse my whole life and I'm trying to save my money so I can get one when i'm older! I think horses are magestic animals and are very beutiful! My fav horse is an arabian because I like how they have there tail up when they run and there color and hail is beutiful! Don't you agree, horse club!
  2. YayPiggies
    I love horses as well, but any breed is fine. They are all different and that's what makes them beautiful!
  3. snow&piggerz
    I love any breed, and I agree, arabians are beautiful, but almost all have a HIGH ENERGY LEVEL.. I have a... well we believe he is a quarter horse perch cross (he's not papered)
  4. PinnyGig
    guineapig14, if your really interested in horses, have you considered staking lessons? many barns run beginner lesson programs, where you go and ride for an hour a week (or more, if you want), much like dance or piano lessons. They can be a litle pricey, i think at my barn they're about 35$/ lesson (that is in canadian dollars), but well worth it. They usually have the horse all saddled and ready to ride to, or you can often go early and help out and they'll teach you how to do it. If its too expensive or you can't get out to the barn every week, many barns will also do week-long summer day camps, which is how I started. I was seventeen when i started riding, and i just started with a summer camp, then one lesson a week, then i started leasing a horse, then i bought her. now i have 2! I agree that arabs are beautiful, although i am partial to thoroughbreds and 1/4 horses (especially Paints), and in the draft breed percherons are probably my favorite. And yes, many arabs are VERY high strung, but thats half the fun... lazy horses can be boring ( at least when your used to riding an insane thoroughbred with braking issues).
  5. Emmah
    I have been having lesson for 4 years and part of pony clud for 3 years. I love hors and are hoping to get my on soon it is gust my parents that are taking some puswashone as my dad says yes and my mum says no
  6. gidgethansen
    Never give up on your dreams. I am a horse trainer and give lots of lessons. I have given lessons to a few women in there 60s that always wanted a horse but was never was able to till now. They finally get to enjoy the horses they have always wanted. I have been lucky and had horses my whole life. I try and make sure anyone that wants one at least get to ride one. Learn all you can, and never stop learning. Horses are an amazing animal and make great best friends.
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