DIY guinea pig supplies

  1. pigslave1
    Here are some cheap guinea pig ideas that I do:
    shred your own used recycling printing paper for bedding (free)
    buy pine shavings in bulk at hardware/outdoor stores (cheap)
    get unprinted rolls of paper for cage liners at newspaper companies (around $2)
    buy hay in small bales from farmers or hardware/outdoor stores. Just inspect the hay quality, first.

    This is how much I save. These are the average prices of premium stuff:
    Hay (per tiny bundle that lasts 1 month): $10. Vs. hay bale at hardware store that lasts 2-3 years in a dry place: $10-$15
    Bedding ( per tiny bundle that lasts a month): $20 - $30. Vs. home shredded paper: free
    Litter (per large bag that lasts 2-3 weeks): $5 Vs. huge bundle of pine shavings: $6
    Cage liners: ??? Vs. unprinted newspaper: $2
  2. Herdmother
    I switched to fleece bedding and have saved a ton! The upfront cost was a bit high but I have 2 cages with 7 pigs total, so the ability to launder and swap bedding throughout the week is a must! I use old towels layered underneath rather than a liner or puppy pad because they are washable as well. Tip; if you use/ start using washable products use less detergent than usual and add vinegar to each wash cycle. It removes more amonia and costs less than detergent.
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