Cheap Piggie Christmas Presents

  1. Guineapigpro
    Hey guys! here I'd like us to talk about where to get some cheap presents for our pigs. Here are some things from me.

    Creationlise from etsy offers $4 tunnels! She's always had this deal, but nevertheless, it's amazing. Also, she sells $6-$8 snuggle sacks, depending on size.

    This is another etsy lady named PiggieHedgieSnugbeds. She has some great prices and pretty neat products too!

    I always come back to this store-! Here's a few specific items that are fairly cheap, but feel free to browse around at what else you may like. I know for sure they are cheaper than Petsmart, and are probably cheaper than Petco too. They don't charge tax and shipping is a flat rate of $6, unless if you purchase an item with a tiny plane next to the price listing (you have to click on the item).

    Large fiddlesticks tunnel (my pig has one and LOVES it) $8

    Large chew tube (I have 2, remove the stuffing and some pigs will enjoy it) $5

    Wooden house (I have one and he loves it) $15

    Chews (I have the apple!) $2.50-$3

    Grass tunnel $6 Grass ball $3.70

    Corn husk chews $2
  2. Guineapigpro
    A few more:

    What about something for you.. For your pigs? For example.. Piggy costumes and clothes! The entire costume outfits are up to $14, the hats are up to $6, and the clothes are up to $14. Also, there are four categories total: Guinea pig costumes, more costumes, guinea pig clothes, and guinea pig hats. This is a link to the costumes.

    Also, thecatintheclover on etsy has $3 drip pads.

    And what about Santa hats or beanies for cozies? You could get a couple of those for cheap at your local dollar store or Walmart.
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