Cheap Supplies for the UK

  1. Guineapigpro
    Hey everyone! This is for those who live in the UK.

    Fleece Liners and Accessories They sell very few cage liners, but many cozies and fleece accessories. They have some pretty good prices! You can get a piggy cushion, cozy, and tunnel for 15! Check out these cage liners. But make sure before you buy and liners, they include an absorbent layer! This place has some pretty good fleece accessories! You should check it out!

    Grids 20 grids for 31.99. Mann that's expensive! This place seems a lot cheaper. I'd get them from here.

    C&C Cages Pre-Built They have so many options! This place is a little more expensive, but it's still and option.

    Correx (Coroplast)
    For this one you will probably just have to search eBay and your local sign shop.

    ​Pellets They sell Oxbow Cavy a Cuisine, and more Oxbow based Timothy pellets. They also sell Oxbow Cavy Cuisine

    Extra Supplies

    I'd be willing to take any questions. Please also feel free to add. Also, look at this site on the forum:

    I hope this helps you all!
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