Cheap Uhual

  1. Guineapigpro
    Hi everyone! I'd like to discuss where to find some of the cheapest Uhual pads and other absorbent materials.

    The cheapest place I know of is the UHUAL store, furniture pads. They are $7.95 for each 65"x85" sheet. Also, if you spend $50 or more you can receive free shipping.

    Towels are not quite as cheap as Uhual pads, and they are sometimes more odorous. Yet, if the sale is big enough, you may be able to make a profit. You will probably have to figure out the math. There are currently some cotton bath towels on sale for $3.99 a piece at Anna's Linens. THey have many towels on sale right now. They are probably higher quality towels, also.

    Feel free to share any other cheap places you can buy Uhual pads. Also, feel free to include other items that serve the same purpose as Uhual pads, such as towels, matress pads, or puppy liners.

    Any questions you may have about some cheap absorbent layers can also go here.
  2. rsgymjam
    Yes i've seen Uhaul for that price! Does anyone know what the shipping is (on the uhaul website?)
  3. guinnymom23
    What about fabric stores? Think they would sell something similar? Like the recycled denim??
  4. Guineapigpro
    Can recycled denim be used as an absorbent layer?
  5. guinnymom23
    Not sure, but I have heard that the uhaul pads are made from that, was just curious to know as well if that material can be purchased elsewhere on it's own in a fabric/textile store?
  6. guinnymom23
    Okay, so i went to Lens Mills (its a huge fabric of all kinds store here) and searched for denim material but then thought the uhaul pads are made from recycle denim right? and we need that layer to wick from the you think getting actually wicking material would work out or is that the opposite of what I want the middle layer to do? I ended up picking some up, it's thin and a bit on the stretchy side...???
  7. lissie
    The middle layer should be the absorbent layer. The top layer is wicking material, that's what fleece is for. You can try some other wicking fabric like suedecloth.
    For the absorbent layer, cotton batting will work too.
  8. guinnymom23
    oops, so i bought the wrong stuff and here i was thinking of starting to make a liner myself...
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