What on earth am I doing?!

  1. SnowFlower
    Well, some of you know I have decided to stop rescuing for a bit and just love the girls I have. I made the very tough decision to start looking for a new home for the boars as I felt it is the best choice for them - they can smell the girls no matter where I put them and they fight (drawing blood). I am confident a new home with no sows and a large cage will enable them to live again as the bonded pair they came to me as. Since deciding to be a sow only slave, I received an email from someone that heard of me and my rescue (didn't know it wasn't a running rescue anymore). Seems she had a single piggy she adopted from the Humane Society and, here's a surprise - her kids grew out of her. I decided 6 was a decent number of sows, and now (you're going to love this) Ginger/Bugsy (depending on the child in the household and the day) is in quaratine at my house.

    So I'm rehoming 2 and gained 1 . Yes, I am SnowFlower and I am addicted to Guinea Pigs!

    Any ideas for a new name? This Ginger/Bugsy thing isn't working for me, I like the movie Bedtime story, but please - her eyes just aren't that big!
  2. missnickelback
    How bout gumball?
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