Deciding to stop rescuing....

  1. SnowFlower
    I have realized I have taken on more than I can handle at this time. I will keep the sows (maybe rehome one or two if I can find the perfect home - if not, they are here forever), and the boars will be rehomed once I can find the perfect home as well (and as soon as Oreo recovers from his boo boo). I feel absolutely horrible .

    I guess this is a lesson to those considering rescuing. Please think it thru completely before you start. I did, and at the time I had everything planned out, a vet fund set aside, etc. The vet fund is gone so I could feed my human and furry babies, pay power, etc.

    My husband has lost his job, and we cannot afford to keep more than 4 piggies. I will NOT be dumping the guinea pigs anywhere. I have time to do this the right way... screening potential homes, etc.

    I feel like I have done something horribly wrong by backing out of a commitment I made to rescuing, but it is better in the long run. I have been unable to care for 7 piggies like I used to, and any more would be cruel to the animals and to myself.

    Good luck with your rescues. You are truely dedicated people, I am/was too, but I need to focus on being a piggy slave, not a piggy rescue.
  2. Scout.Layne
    I'm sorry to hear this. But I am glad that you figured this out before it was too late. And I am even more glad that you are not just dumping them somewhere. I hope things work out for you.
  3. SnowFlower
    Ok, small update. Many phone calls to the husband (he is on the road for his new job - yay!!!), and we have decided that we may be able to keep them all. We see no reason in the immediate future why we should put them thru the stress of rehoming. We are breaking in to our savings for now, and this new job is wonderful and will be providing more than enough to reset our vet fund and provide plenty of quality hay, veggies, and pellets for the piggies. As for the time devoted - I have reset my schedule as well. The rescue is indeed done for now - but the pigs in my care will stay that way. I realize things may change quickly - in this economy and life, they do. If and when that happens I will re-evaluate my situation and make a decision that is beneficial to my guinea pigs and not myself. I made a commitment to give them loving homes, and I think they have found it to be quite honest. I will keep an eye out for potential homes for 2 or 3 piggies just in case - but I am planning on not needing it. If I do decided to rehome it will be because I am certain they will have a better life elsewhere, and for now I don't think that is the case.

    This website is a wonderful source of information and encouragement, and I am grateful for the friendships I am forming here.

    Missy, Oreo, Twinkie, Mimi, Sara, Flower, and Snowy are here and loved - no more piggies will be entering this home though! They are happy with the current set up and I will leave it at that.
  4. Scout.Layne
    I'm glad you're going to get to keep them. i lnow how much you love them.
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