Who's your favorite author?

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  1. OllieandFriends
    I love JK Rowling, Suzanne Collins, and John Green. There are others too, but I can't remember them!
  2. mistymu
    Diana Gabaldon - Love her books
    Anne McCaffrey - Sci fi series, read most of them just a couple of series I have to get into...
    Kelley Armstrong
    Alice Borchardt
    Val McDermid
  3. doglaurasmudge
    J.K Rowling! I just love the way she writes, how she includes little details which make the book come alive, to enrich your imagination of it.
  4. cavylover123
    I love Ally Carter's Gallagher Girl books. I also enjoy Erin Hunter's Warrior books. Suzanne Collins Hunger Games series is another great one.......There are lots of good authors who i like for different reasons.....
  5. galya137
    I'd have to say, I cannot really pick and choose too many favorite authors, but I do LOVE Gabriel Garcia Marquez.
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