Who's your favorite author?

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  1. vicky2
    I'll start, I absolutely love all of Sarah Dessen's books! I'm a teen and all her books are for teens but they are so amazing you can't put them down! I just finished one of her books yesterday. That's four of her books and counting!
  2. Animal Luver
    Animal Luver
    Im a teen to i just love the Erin Hunter Books Warrior seris to be exact. if you start to read one you cant put one down. i read to books in one day and there at least 250 pages long.
  3. WildRye
    I have to say that my all-time favorite author is Emily Bronte. I absolutely adore Wuthering Heights. I also quite like Dickens and the other two Bronte sisters for a good classic read. More contemporary authors that I like include Toni Morrison, Margaret Atwood, Janet Evanovich, and Carl Hiassen, to name a few off my book case.
  4. Wheek Weak
    Wheek Weak
    Robert Ludlum. I haven't read a book by him yet that didn't keep me awake too late at night!
  5. Poelitstudent
    Edgar Allan Poe!
  6. sirigirl92
    im a teen, and i love sara dessen! this lullaby was amazing! so was the truth about forever.
    i also love meg cabot and jane austen.
    yeah....kinda varies huh?
  7. RunningRagged
    I have several:

    Patricia Cornwell
    David Baldacci
    Robert Ludlum
    Minette Walters
    Stuart Woods
  8. Priil
    I adore Kerrelyn Sparks. She writes vampire romantic comedy type books. They are just so great to get away from everything with! I really appreciate a book that can keep me hooked and fully entertained...much like everyone else I'm sure . I'm not a huge classics fan, I can appreciate them as a whole but can never get fully into them. I find myself skimming which I usually never do! I'm not trying to insult anyone's choice though! I just don't like them.

    Some others are:
    Kelley Armstrong
    Rachael Vincent
    Audrey Niffenegger
    Darren Greer
    Sybil Claiborne
    William Goldman
  9. Carhea
    Johanna Lindsey
    J.K. Rowling
    Stephen King
    Dan Brown
    These are my top favorites, but there are so many good authors out there it is hard to pick a favorite!
  10. punkygizzylover
    I love Stephen King, I got into reading his books because I have trouble sleeping and picked up the biggest book I could find at a second hand book store which turned out to be IT. I also enjoy reading Anne Rice, Dan Brown, I loved the Lord of the Rings, and anything true crime. I read alot! Sometimes a few Stephen King novels a month becuase its the only thing that makes me sleep not that I find it boring it just makes me sleep..
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