Who's your favorite author?

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  1. sdpiggylvr
    I love love LOVE Marlene Perez. She writes teen chick-lit and I absolutely love everything about her books. She always has a sorta scary mystery, usually involving murder, romance, and the struggles the main character has.
    I also like Barrie Summy - great books, not as gruesome mysteries, but still great. LOVE LOVE LOVE her.
    Books are awesome. I read every minute I have. What about you guys?
  2. guineapigluver1
    I love Jane Austen, Lucy Maud Montgomery and Erynn Mangum!
    Other than that I like various books by various authors.
  3. LePetitCochon
    Paulo Coelho and Gabriel Garcia Marquez
  4. kcandy18
    i agree with vicky2 and sirigirl92- sarah dessen and meg cabot ROCK!!
    jen calonita, carolyn keene, jay asher, jodi picoult, and basically whatever author i am reading at the moment i call my 'favorite' but there are so many amazing ones i cant choose!!
  5. Catayn
    Stephen King (I think I could die for him!), Peter Straub and Frank de Felitta, for sure. I think Joe Hill has been improving greatly, but he's still not even close to his dad's work.
  6. scarlett
    I see that no one has listed any of my favorite authors which is great. It means I can share them with you and possibly create new fans in the process. I love historical fiction, the realistic kind not bodice rippers. Although a good bodice ripper has it's place now and again, but I digress.

    Anyhoo - My favorite authors are Diana Gabaldon of the Outlander series, and Sara Donati of the Into the Wilderness series. Both are amazing, with Donati being slightly lighter in both narrative and book length. Check them out if you'd like a good historical fiction read.
  7. kcandy18
    JK Rowling, all the way! I love Harry Potter! I also love Sarah Dessen, Agatha Christie, Nancy Werlin, Jaclyn Moriarty, and several more, i just can't think of at the moment! I also enjoyed some Mary Shelley.
  8. ILoveMillie
    I love all authors, but I really like Markus Zusak. He wrote Book Thief and The Messenger and they were amazing! Also Suzanne Collins who wrote the Hunger Game series! They are fabulous books, definitely page turners!
  9. kaite13
    I love Cristopher Pike, Sarah Dessen,Suzanne Collinsand and Judy Blume!
  10. writingirl15
    Wow, I have so many authors I like its hard to narrow down. I'd say Meg Cabot, Rachel Gibson, Kimberly Derting, Anthony Horowitz, Rosemary Clement-Moore, and Karen Marie Moning- just to name a few.
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