Who is your favorite Doctor?

  1. GreenConverse
    Well, who's your favorite Doctor and/or companion(s) *hint hint*

    Mine is, of course, the Tenth Doctor. (If Amy, Rory, and David Tennant could be paired that would be my favorite episode ever!!)
  2. GuineaPigParty
    I like the 10th and the 9th Doctors.

    I miss Donna and Rose....
  3. jinxie
    Its hard not to fall for Tennant! 10 is my favorite. Love Donna as well and River is always fun when she turns up.
  4. farmersdaughter
    I am kind of in love with 11. And I have a girl crush on River Song, but I have been in love with Alex Kingston since the mid 90s.
  5. Lizzerbeast
    Tom Baker is my favorite!! That and all of the new series 9-11 not to sure of this new guy... K9 is my favorite non human companion
  6. LilliAndFelix
    I really love david tennant! I He is really good! and if amy, river and rose could all be with him! that would be amazing!!!

    k9 has to be my fav non human!!
  7. Princess_Piggie
    I love Tennant and Smith equally, but for different reasons. I'm really excited for Capaldi too, especially since he's already been in it as an extra, it'll be cool to see him in it properly. My favourite companions are Amy and Rory because Amy doesn't take and crap and Rory's such a sweetheart
  8. Wolfess221
    Tennant is my favorite and always will be, but Smith was great too. Capaldi....sometimes I like him, sometimes I don't, but I think he'll be a hit with me as well. But Ten, yes, you'll always be my first
  9. Fay
    I like both Tennant and Smith, I'm also really enjoying Capaldi.
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