Guinea Pig Cooperative

  1. guineasmart
    Hi, for some time (too long) I've been planning on setting up a guinea pig in the Los Angeles area. Does anyone experience or advice with (pet) coops? The reason we want to do this is because shortly after adopting all our piggies we ran into the problem of what to do with them when we went away for a weekend. While we'd had friends take care of them, we were unfortunately always a little worried. Fortuitously, we found another couple with piggies on craigslist in the same predicament. We've been good friends and sit for each other ever since. This seems like something that could be useful to a lot of people, but 1) i'm not sure if it is and 2) how I should get it started/run it.

    What i've started i have here:

    Los Angeles Guinea Pig Co-Op

    Please provide any feedback
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