Crazy Guinea Pig Ladies of the World UNITE

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  1. GuineaGal2013
    Welcome to the group feel free to introduce yourself, your piggies, and give an example of why you are a "crazy guinea pig lady"
  2. spudsthepiget
    I'm spudsthepiget, A.K.A Morgan. I have 5 pigs; Guinness, Spuds, Mable, Marybell, and Trudy. I'm a crazy guinea pig lady because I gave them their very own room in my house and I decorate it for the holidays!
  3. GuineaGal2013
    I'm GuineaGal2013 A.K.A. Allison. I have 3 piggies: Aja Ann, Periwinkle Marie, and B'Elanna Louise. I'm a crazy guinea pig lady because I gave my guinea pigs full names and would rather spend my last $10 on fleece than on food
  4. MochaAndMoo
    I'm MochaAndMoo, A.K.A Nicola. I have 3 piggies: Mocha, Moo and Meeka. I am a crazy guinea pig lady because: I have an entire room dedicated for my pigs stuff, they eat dinner and breakfast before anyone else does, their cage is bigger then my bed, they have an entire two shelves in my fridge for their food, they get luxury bathes and manicures (Using the best pig shampoo ordered all the way from the UK), and that is why I am a certified crazy guinea pig lady (;
  5. Rhinos_mom
    I'm Rhinos_Mom, A.K.A. Sierra. I have 2 piggies, Yoda and Chirpa. I'm a crazy guinea pig lady because even my vet says so... Haha. The pigs eat waaaay better than I do and I spend any spare money on them. I stayed up all night rearranging my room the other night because I rearranged their cage and had to move my stuff around it. I'm just guinea pig crazy!
  6. NormaS
    Hi, I'm Norma and I have one baby: Nikolai Güimachov! Planning on getting him a sibling soon. I'm a crazy guinea pig lady because in the month I've had Nikolai with me I've spent more money on him than in myself. And I'm planning on getting my baby and his future sibling a room of their own!
  7. emttami
    Hello all, I'm Tami. Excited to be here! I have (4) long-haired piggies & (1) short that have my
    heart! (Baybell & Gizmo)Peruvian, (Gus)Coronet, Satin Silk (Elvis)
    & ( Rocky-Road) is an Abyssinian ~ I am a crazy Guinea Pig lady because I gave them my living room to live in!
  8. photosavvy
    I'm Amy I have 3 guinea pigs, JJ (medium haired), Yuki (medium haired), and Peppers (long haired) They are all biologically related and are 2 1/2 months old. I'm a crazy piggy lady because I buy fruits and veggies based on what they like, spend most of my money on them, and think of them as my children.
  9. Ellespigs
    Hi I'm Elle

    I am new to piggies! I have 2 pigs: Boone (Peruvian) and Whinnie (Peruvian). Whinnie is currently expecting and I'm really excited. It will be her last litter as I am getting the boar neutered. I have only had them for two weeks so they're still fairly skittish.

    I am a crazy piggy lady because I spent hours clearing out the shed so I could have them, spend crazy amounts of money on toys, spend hours hand stitching them all sorts of fleece snuggle sacks, cups, tunnels and lining to keep them cosy and happy! I was up til 3 last night doing so. And my life has become a little hectic since buying them, having to make decisions based around them but I love them loads and they are worth it
  10. PerfectPiggie
    Hi I am PerfectPiggie, but you can just calll me piggie. I have two boars, a white coronet called Geddy (on my avatar) and a ginger dark-eyed self called Harris. They get on perfect with each other. They will be 3 years old in August.

    I love to chat, so PM me, I don`t bite.
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