Which Game(s) Do You Play?

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  1. babybunny
    I like to play a variety of online games, from everything on Myspace/Yahoo games (Yay Bejewled!) to MMOs like World of Warcraft. I am a huge Blizzard entertainment lover and have played a good bit of their games. I also gave Horizons (I think its named Istaria now) and Hellgate: London a whirl.
  2. CavySpirit
    I just wanted to say I think this is a great idea for a social group! Congrats.
  3. Delon
    I play a lot of Pc FPS games. Ranging from Call of Duty 5 to Crysis. On my 360 I play a lot of third-person shooters (armored core, etc).
  4. tehdoc809
    Lets see, PC I play mainly RTS and MMO's. Red Alert 3 is the bomb as far as PC gaming for the moment. Not really into any MMOs atm, I just quit World of Warcraft since blizzard is no longer blizzard, I can't stand the company and the changes they are making to everything under the blizzard name. Looking into some upcoming stuff though like Darkfall. I just got a 360 for christmas so I don't have many games yet, but I think its mainly going to be FPS/action, Right now though I only have Left for Dead.. which is AMAZING, Orange box, Fable 2, GH3 and Force Unleashed.
  5. gooberific
    My hubby and I play World of Warcraft on Perenolde server. I met him through a convention for online RPG's called Simucon. He was staff for Gemstone IV, and I was a player of Modus Operandi, just two of the games available through Simutronics.

    We've met with the owner/developer of Horizons/Istaria. Great guy, especially since he bought me margaritas!! So we'e both played that a bit, but my hubby did a lot of beta testing and feedback for them.

    We have a lot of friends who work in high places in different software/gaming companies, particularly Blizzard and Sony.

    Oh, and we have a Wii and play a lot of different stuff on there. Plus, any word game is one I'm up for playing. We also have about 50 obscure board games in our game cabinet.
  6. babybunny
    Hehe nice goober! I play WoW on Blackhand server right now.

    Is the owner/dev for Horizons the original or present one? I really loved that game so much. I wish it was more finished on release so that it could've been more successful.

    Also, has anyone tried the Wii Music game? I was curious what that was like.
  7. tehdoc809
    eh, I've only ever played 3 Wii games extensively. Twilight Princess (HUGE ZELDA FAN), Mario Kart Wii and Supersmash Bros. Brawl. Other than that I just can't get into the Wii. My wife loves it though, so.. oh well. I'll stick with my 360 and PC.
  8. gooberific
    The guy who STARTED Horizons is now the head of the company that owns it again. I don't know if you remember, but they got bought out a while back, and whatever company it was that bought it kind of ruined it, so then (I'm sorry i can't remember his name! I'm horrible with names!) he formed a loose company and got the game back into his own hands and it's gotten better. They are basically a bunch of contractors from all over working on it now, just like most of the online games have gone to doing for extra storylines, ideas, etc.

    As far as the Wii goes, we play fun games like Mario Party 8, Monopoly, etc. I don't have the Wii Music game, but I do have Boogie and I really liked that, but not as much as I liked Karaoke Revolution for xbox!! We're also "in" to playing Animal Crossing:City Folk right now. The WiiSpeak thing is a bit annoying. You have to have your volume just right to avoid echo, and then if you have a toddler you're not going to hear the other people talk.
  9. gooberific
    Oh, i forgot to mention, I'm a serious Sims 2 player. I would love to start dabbling with Sims 3, but my system isn't going to run it!

    (actually, my last post with that statement was too long, so I'm just adding another post. And you have to wait 30 seconds between posts, in case you didn't know!)
  10. tehdoc809
    Ok.. sims 3 looks FANTASTIC.. I seriously hope my system can run it.
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