Treat cracker!

  1. KatrinaJoggers.
    Right, I saw this on a website of creative recycling toys you can make at home and give to your Guinea Pigs. A Treat cracker!

    1. Get an empty toilet paper tube.
    2. Get one sheet of plain paper. (Preferably uncoloured)
    3. Cut up some of your Guinea Pigs favourite treats!


    1. Get the toilet tube and your treats, veggies, fruit or whatever you choose.
    2. Put the treats into the tube.
    3. Get the plain paper and roll the paper around the tube.
    4. twist the paper and make it look like a cracker on both ends of the tube.
    5. Give to your piggies and they will be sure to get their noses stuck in!

    Enrichment and a treat for your piggies!
  2. Gforcepiggies
    I love it!!!!!! Great idea......
  3. missnickelback
    How do you make it look like a cracker?????
  4. Gforcepiggies
    Maybe it should be called "Healthy candy GP pig chew!!!!"
  5. soccerchickgrp5
    thank you it very helpful
  6. iluvguineapigs2
    i will have to try this soon.
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