Wooh! 64 Cavy Crewers! (:

  1. HappyHopperz
    I counted up today.... And we have a total of 64 (!) members here at Cavy Crew! WOW! Every time I check my inbox, there is always a request or few to join the crew. It just makes me happy to see our community growing even more!

    Special thanks and mention to @cross, who was our first member poster who posted and shared 4 AH-dorable pictures of her/his guinea piggies. Thank you for sharing those with us! <3

    To all other members; don't be afraid to post! We all apprieciate it and by doing it we encourage communication and social activity within our group, which increases our chances for a bigger, more enjoyable community of members!

    Again, I am soo pleased to see the growing number of pig enthusiasts growing here at the Cavy Crew. Sorry you haven't heard much from me, I've been quite busy managing two bunnies, two guinea pigs, and sports! But, aren't we all busy at a given time? :P

    Soooo..... Don't be afraid to post! It'll be great to see some more activity from our knowledgeable members here at Cavy Crew. Also, you can encourage our community to grow by sharing with your friends how AWESOME our Cavy Crew is!

    Hope to hear from y'all soon!
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