Your horse secrets?

  1. auburnmare5
    I am sure that all of you who are involved with horses have had this happen to you at least once. You have a big show today, and your once clean horse has manure stains all over its stockings, and you are 1/2 hour away from your class beginning, so you have no time to bathe. What do you do?
    This discussion is for thins like that. Ways to make horse treats, or grooming tips and secrets, etc...
    Even alternative ways to doing things. Like ways to save money, ways to save time etc...
    Some horse magazines do this type of thing, but we can't all put in our tips, so I figure that we can exchange ideas here as well.
  2. xGingerPigx
    Hi i find that my horse loves something cold and entertaining and tasty during the hot summer so i made him some ice pops. What i did was cut up some of his favourite treats such as apple and carrot and put it into a large empty yoghurt pot and added some water. Then you just put it into the freezer and let it freeze (obviously). Once it starts to get hot just pop out the ice cube and give it to your horse in a shallow bucket or feed bowl for him to enjoy. It'l last him ages and its also refreshing.
  3. louie_joey
    I ride a paint, and will often stand there all night with the bright 'n' white shampoo, and a bottle of Cowboy magic and get all of the stains out, and then when I unload him the next morining he is covered in stains again! I find that a great, easy quick fix for all of you who ride greys or paints is to carry around a box of baby wipes. Seriously, they work wonders and are quite convenient!
  4. PinnyGig
    if your horse has white stockings and they tend to get stained (our indoor arena has black crushed rubber footing, so white stocking always end up looking grey) you can cover them with white baby powder to help make them look white again for shows. Baby powder is usually gentle enough that it won't irritate their skin, and brushes out easily. It is especially good when your showing in an unheated barn and its -40 degrees outside and you really don't want to get your hose wet at all...
  5. Mango_Cookie
    I LOVE having a black horse, haha. I used to have a black and white Tennessee walker and she was a pain in the butt to get clean. There was always black hairs on the white sections and white hairs on the black sections. I would spend hours trying to get her clean but it never really happened...
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