Manly Men Owning Piggies? Why Did You Go Cavy-Crazy?

  1. Zuidy
    This is the first discussion of the Piggy Poppies group!

    I used the word Poppies, like if you would call your dad "Pops" or something to the effect.

    Well, I am Zuidy, and I went Cavy-Crazy because I lost my dear companion, Max the Beagle, a year ago last January. I wasn't ready to get back into the swing of dog ownership, so I was thinking what other friend I could get. I remembered my old hamsters, and I thought to myself that we were never very bonded together. So I finally knew I wanted a small animal, and I decided to get 2 lovely girls!

    I am very happy with my choice, and I think they are too as they sit behind me munching on their favorite snack of Cilantro!

    So, MEN, when did you decide to become a Piggy-Poppy?

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