C&C: Cage Photos

  1. HappyHopperz
    Anyone want to share any photos of their cage here? I am working on getting my own cleaned and set up, then ill be posting pictures! Thank You!
  2. piggi_zone
    i would love to i want to work on making a second level for my babies and instead of using a ramp want to use stairs not
    sure how that would work.
  3. ziespiggies
    I love seeing guinea pig cafes, oops i meant cages.
  4. HappyHopperz
    So do I! As for piggi_zone, I saw in one picture that the submitter used dollar pencil boxes and connected them with cable ties and made steps. I thought it was a really cool idea!
  5. Fizzlepop40
    I think this a a cool idea! When I build my new cage, (I'm not sure when that will be...) I want to post some pictures of it. It's going to be either 3x4 or 2x5.
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