Who are the horses in your life?

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  1. auburnmare5
    The horses in my life, gosh there are so many. I ride at two different barns. One that is near my house on Cape Cod, and another near my house in Medford, MA. Not to mention the horses at my school. I work with about 25 or so different horses at all three barns and each one of them will forever have a special place in my heart. All of the horses are special in their own, unique ways. Horses are such amazing animals, that words cannot even begin to describe them!
  2. AnimalHouse36
    I haven't been riding in awhile but will be volunteering again soon.

    The place I used to ride at (who I know understand is absolutly horrible) had a horse named Lonestar. He was an AMAZING jumper and we were totally in sinc. Man I miss him. I used to be an amazing jumper. He was a blonde appaloosa. He was either a small horse, or a large pony.

    Then there was Missy. She was SUCH a pain in the butt. Never listened but I would choose her over any of the other horses. She was sold. I still miss her.

    Then Inca. Everyone loved her. She was super tall but a gentle giant. She was a nice horse.

    And Prince. He was a little Pony but one of the worst horses I've ever met. I was bucked about 6 times from him. Those were some of the first times I fell off of a horse. He too was sold.

    There have been others but those are the ones who will always be in my heart.
  3. Jenni_Feathers
    I don't have horses, but my friend does and I ride with her. There's Vincent and Sedrick...Vincint is a dark bay and Sedrick is sorrel. I usually ride Sedrick because he's better behaved.
  4. cavycrazy16
    I own 3 horses. I have Fidget who is a buckskin shetland pony. When the barn i ride at got him(someone gave him to them) he wouldn't trust anybody and would run away a lot. My mom and the owner decided he would be a good first pony for me(i was in fourth grade). After having for about a month he really came around and became the sweetest little boy. Now he lets small kids ride him and someday i would like to train him to put a cart. He is still a little scared sometimes but he has come A LONG way. I have a white paint mare named Angel. She is the laziest horse i have ever ridden(and i have ridden a lot of horses).
    Then i have Missy who is an arabian. She is the prettiest horse i have ever seen. She is a flea bitten gray(white with little brown specs) with long mane and tail. She is very moody.
    She is just an all around pretty brat.
  5. BurningAmber520
    I have 3 horses. Well specifically 2 horses and a mini Liberty is an 18 year old percheron/thoroughbred gelding. We compete in 2ft hunters, he used to be able to jump higher, but arthritis in his coffin bone and damage to his navicular bone in his front right foot have prevented him from jumping like he used to.

    Amber is a 4 year old American Warmblood mare. She is a dark bay with a big white star and a strip. I just got her in November and she's still very greeen. She actually starts her perfessional training tomorrow, so that should be fun!

    And I have Rio, hes a 2y/o miniature horse. I've only owned him for a little over a month. But he is sooo much fun!! Im training him to jump in hand
  6. krittercrazy
    I have four horses. Amber, a flea bitten gray arab. Taz, a bay of unknown breeding. Frankie, a chestnut mustang/appaloosa cross. Dare to Dream, will be a gray arab/mustang/appalossa cross.

    I help a friend with her horses. They are Angel, a black and white paint tennessee walker and Dare to Defy, a dark bay tennessee walker cross.
  7. Oliversnana
    It has been many, many years since I have ridden a horse.
    I have been around them most of my life. I got my first pony "Snow" in 1970 (I was in the second grade) by the time I was in the fourth grade I began to do the rescue thing. I rescued abused, abandoned and starving horses and ponies in my area (even at such a young age I made an impact on my small town community even helped send some puke to jail)
    My second pony "Misty" was one I had found that had been abandoned along with 2 other ponies and a horse. Unfortunately the horse was very ill (she had a cancer growth on her lower lip, as well as in her throat) The vet told us it was terminal and we had to have her put down, that she was suffering. I will never forget that day, makes me sad just thinking about it.
    Anyway, I was in 4-H from the age of 10 until I was about 14. My parents use to allow people to board horses here. I was in charge of them, the feeding, the working, the riding etc. One day while exercising one of our boarders, (he was part Clydesdale, needless to say he was a very big boy) decided he didn't want to stop at the end of our driveway
    He continued running down the driveway, right out into and across the road.
    Yep right into the road he ran, jumping a passing car! I tumbled off, onto the car first the roof, then hood of the car finally coming to rest under a row of mail boxes. I spent about 10 days in the hospital had major road rash all over my lower back and yes even my butt OUCH!!

    At the age of 13, I began Endurance racing. I had a beautiful Anglo/Arabian (Arabian/Thoroughbred) gelding named Ringo. My father and I went on rides every weekend until I was about 16. (that is when I discovered boy's and the horses became not so important)
    I have not had much to do with horses until about 5 years ago, when once again I found myself with 4 abandoned horses to rescue.
    They were so undernourished and so sickly looking that people actually began to call animal control on me thinking I was the one whom they needed to be saved from.
    I have since found them all very good homes and still go to visit them occasionally.
    I hope that this was not too long winded and I did not put any one to sleep anyone with all of my pretty useless story. Thanks for reading it though!
  8. wheekers01
    I don't own any horses but when i get older I am going to have a farm.. There was this pony at this family camping place named Cody. He was a flea bitten horse. Ohh i loved him so much!! He was so stubborn but i loved him and would always ride him around.

    My aunt had a few horses and i vaguely remember them. I kind of remember sitting with her on one of them.

    I haven't rode a hose in probably two whole years!! None of my friends have horses. I would like to go to stables and ride or get lessons but I'm not sure if I will because there aren't many stables where i live.

    Sorry, I'm kind of rambling on and on.
  9. squeezy
    My horse's name is (well its what i call him) YaBo or anything that you can put YA in front of. haha. He has changed my life in so many ways. He is a pure breed bay Arabian
  10. lmarieaa
    I have a buckskin mare named Lula Belle, and a draft gelding named Big Red. My family has a ton of horses at the ranch because they rescue and adopt out horses, so there are way too many to name them all, but the ones who have stolen my heart are: Juniper, a quarter horse whose previous owner sprayed a corrosive acid on her face because he was "being bad"; Beaux, a big white horse who was the skinniest horse I have ever seen, but now he is nice and 'fat'; Minnie, a tiny pony who has an obsession over poptarts; Bobby a very old horse who bears the scars of a hard life with an abusive family; and Bonikers, a young gelding who was hit on the head one too many times and has rapid mood swings.
    I ride horses for fun. I trail ride and go to shows dedicated to education and fun. I ride my horses bitless, just a halter and a rope or a hackamore.
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