Canadian Guineapig supplies.

  1. PooTrishy
    Here you can list places in Canada other piggy lovers can get things for their pigs. List anything you may think is helpful
  2. PooTrishy
    Here is a Toronto Local Fleece liner and bed sac maker. Her and her nana offer many things for small pets made of fleece. I've been talking to her back and force through email, and she's really nice. Also soon they will have packaged deals, where you can get a liner and a hammock. I'm looking forward to that.

    Fay and Salome's Cute and Cuddly Pet Accessories - Home
  3. Bubbl3z
    I was going to suggest Fay and Salome's Cute and Cuddly Pet Accessories too! I've been talking to Salome lately too and she is really nice. Can't wait to purchase from them soon!
  4. PooTrishy
    Haha, small world. Or should I say city
  5. BingoandBrownie
    I buy my piggie things from PetValu
  6. CanadianComforts
    I also by from PetValu, one opened up just up the road from me a few months back. I love them and they are pet free!!!
  7. Ithilgil
    I go to Pet Culture. There's a PetValu nearby too, but the price seems a bit more expensive. That's what I've gathered from the PetValu website at least.
  8. guinnymom23
    Global Pet Foods in Guelph has three locations and carry an array of small pet supplies - mainly food stuff (hay and pellets) and they are Canadian owned (I believe?) and don't have live pets either, other than having abandoned cats sometimes...who they find homes for. As for cage liners, cages, etc., has a store where local foster caregivers have set up where they can make these things for you and they are located in Vaughan and Toronto, Ontario. For liners, cuddle cups, tunnels, etc., can go through Etsy, her name is Rebecca and she does fabulous work. For the cages, her name is Kathy, her email is on the rescue website, I got my cage there and my girls absolutely love it!
  9. frNzR4evr
    I'm asking the admins/mods here to evaluate in the hopes they will "recommend" it for us Canadian fans ~ (their instincts are spot-on when it comes to sites like, and recommending great videos on YouTube)...

    I especially like their principles & philosophies ( Interstingly, they cite THIS site ( as the best place to find C&C cage building directions (

    Instead of a forum, they take individual questions via eMail ~ Lianne
  10. frNzR4evr
    anyone in Ontario getting fresh hay from a farm, or online from a Canadian dealer? I find my pet-store oxbow timothy is dry (stale) about 1/2 the time
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