Favorite Genre

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  1. tehdoc809
    Trying to Spark some new Discussion, Whats You're Favorite Genre of books?

    I definitely love Sci-Fi/Fantasy novels especially those dedicated to Star Wars. In my opinion it should be a genre on its own
  2. starshine123102
    I love children's and young adult fiction. I also enjoy historical fiction.

    I don't really have a specific genre that I do like, more like one's I don't like. Can't stand fluffy beach read books like James Patterson, Danielle Steele, Nora Roberts, Sophie Kinsella etc.
  3. AnimalHouse36
    Hmmm this is a hard one. I read a bit of everything. NOT into really far fetched books like Star Trek but I do enjoy Maximum Ride by James Patterson and Lightening Theif...I forget who it was by though.
  4. guineapigluver1
    I generally don't like ones that are about romance, with a few exceptions. I don't typically like Sci-Fi.
    I love mysteries, so long as they aren't gory and stuff like that.
  5. WICavy
    Non-fiction! haha

    I own approximately 100 books (not counting my kids homeschooling books), and less than 10 of them are novels! My books cover all kinds of things: drawing, painting, gardening, writing, religion, children, yoga, dog training, poodle grooming, medical, marriage, homeschooling, cleaning/organizing... well you get the point.
  6. MomtoO&O
    I'm currently earning my BA in English, so I have very little time to read for fun. I think my favorite genre would be African American modernist writing, but I'm so engulfed with reading for my classes that I can't be sure. Right now I'm reading a lot of James Joyce and I like him, but wouldn't say that Modern Brit Lit is a favorite.
  7. Wheek Weak
    Wheek Weak
    I hate romance!

    My favorite type of book is espionage/spies/CIA/FBI/rogue agents/mercenaries/special ops, etc.

    In other words, manly type books (even though I'm a woman).

    I like books that exercise my brain and make it think and figure things out.
  8. Poelitstudent
    Moomtoo I can very well understand you because I am working in the thesis to get my Master's Degree in English Lit and I dont have time to read what i want to read. Still I am a fan of the Romantic Period and Transcendentalism therefore the genre is not important for me as long as it is in the right period.
  9. anniewntsaG-PIG
    i love reading fantasy!!! when ever i read i sometimes put poppy on my chest and read but she'll always climb on the book and sit on it so i have to pay attention to her! she also pooped once on my book!!! (good thing it was from the library!)
  10. Priil
    Can I just say I adore this group first?

    Anyway I actually enjoy romance novels, even the smut kind (guilty pleasure. Nobody be mean now haha). My favourite books are about the supernatural, I'm a total vampire and werewolf fanatic! I've read and own so many vampire books it's sad. Two of my books shelves shelves are dedicated to vampires and they are both full.

    I really like fantasty books as well. Some Sci-fi, I got through the first Dune book and loved it but I never had time to read the rest once I hit university (was going for English so I know how you other guys feel! I dropped out though after it started to make me hate literature! Decided to go down a path that wouldn't make me loathe something I love so much!). And I'm a big fan of abstract books that haven't gotten much publicity like "In the Garden of Dead Cars" and "Still Life With June". Gems in the bargain bin I like to call them!
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