New plants!

  1. kaite13
    I am so excited! I just planted some parsley and am planning to plant my chard and lettuce in the spring. Soon I will get more seeds. Does anyone know some easy growing plants for the pigs?
  2. kathi
    I wish I had more time to garden. This year I will plant cilantro for my piggies and lots of it, likely several plantings. I have to be careful about too much calcium for my older piggies so lots of parsley and spinach are not for me.

    I have grown celery before. Once by planting a store bought celeric root, it grew new roots and became an established plant quickly. I was not interested in eating it at the time, it just took up space in the garden. I think this would be good because the new shoots would be small and best for them

    I have raspberries for myself but I understand that raspberry leaves are good for digestion in people. I will have to look up to see how they are for guinea pigs.

    Cukes will be in my garden.
  3. kathi
    kaite13, I was just reading in the forum "hot tips". Check out a post by hurleyslave dated 05-08-10 Growing grass in cotton balls. The next post after that was interesting also, I did not write down the name of it. It had a link to another place 66 easy gardening... about growing wheat grass on a damp towel!
  4. kaite13
    Thanks, I think I'll try that too!
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