Help! Pigs nails too short?

  1. Cocoacavy
    Hi Guys, if there are any of you out there, please let me know how you keep your pigs nails short. Thanks!
  2. GPAChannel
    Hello Cocoa well to be honest I am not an expert on guinea pigs but I have done many research on them, you could go to the vet and get the guinea pigs nail cliped or clip them yourself wich is a very hard thing to do if you dont have any experience. There is not much else that can help keep your pigs nails short, go to youtube and look up how to clip a guinea pigs nails they should help you on there. Hoped I helped

    GuineaPigAidChannel (:
    Hi cocoa, my guinea pigs nails grow really fast, so I just cut them myself with nail clippers and she is fine with it. But make sure that you do not cut where the pink blood vessel starts in the nail because that will really hurt! Its very hard to tell where that vessel starts especially in dark nails.

    Good luck!
  4. iluvmyguinea26
    Cutting your guinea pig's nails can be something done at home(: If your piggies nails are light and almost see-through cut a little bit down from the pink blood vessel in the nail. But be careful not to cut on the vessel! Also, if your pig has darker nails that you can't really tell where the blood vessel is, sometimes you can shine a flashlight on the nail and it may show up.(: I have not gotten my guinea pig yet, but I am this week. I have done a lot of research on caring for piggies though!
  5. Fick2010
    I just cut them myself with regular finger nail clippers. My boys are pretty young so they don't really want to sit still for me, so my husband has held them for me before. The flashlight that iluvmyguinea26 really does work for darker nails.
  6. CavyQuestions
    I bought special nail clippers for about $5 at a drugstore, they're more circular and make things a little easier.
    While I'm cutting his nails, I just wrap him in a blanket and give him a carrot so he's distracted and won't manage to reach me if he decides to bite.
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