GPs in Movies/TV

  1. babybunny
    The new Family Guy episode had a brief mention of GPs last night and made me smile. I love seeing the lil furry ones in movies or shows, or even just being mentioned tickles me!

    I think Bugsy in Bedtime Stories is still my favorite. Such a cutie. So anyways, was thinking of a list of where you could find them would be interesting.

    Bedtime Stories
    Dr. Doolittle
    Sky High
    G-Force (Upcoming)

    TV Shows:
    South Park (Episode: Pandemic)
    Family Guy (Episode: Family Gay)
    Big Brother (9)
    Wonder Pets (Nickelodeon)
    Wizards of Waverly Place (Episode: Report Card)

    All I can think of right now.
  2. tehdoc809
    Oh man, that south park episode was hillarious.
  3. Peeg_Love
    Is anyone else concerned that a movie like G-Force will make guinea pigs very popular for a while? At least until people realize that it takes some effort & time to care for them properly? I'm worried that a year from now, shelters will be overrun with piggies. It has happened before with movies like "101 Dalmations". Everyone thinks "oh, they're so cute!" but then they discover that a pet requires a lot of care and they get tired of taking care of the dog (or pig) and abandon them at a shelter.
  4. starshine123102
    Yes, I am concerned about it. And though I love Disney, they will not be getting my $9.50 at the box office. I'll wait for it to be at the library so they don't get my money for it but I can still see it.
  5. NicholsS10
    There is a Futurama episode with a guinea pig... but Zoidberg eats it...
  6. RosenrotXXII
    Yeah, I want to see G-Force...looks cute and funny. A movie starring guinea pigs I agree, that South Park episode was sooo funny.

    I hope that doesn't happen with the movie G-Force though I feel it most likely will. Parents will take their children to see the movie and they'll all want guinea pigs bc of how they're portrayed in the film. Hopefully, most parent's will be responsible and read about their care before making a decision or at least, hopefully adopt...that way they're not just given to any old home for any old reason.
  7. kcandy18
    I'm soo angry that the Suite Life on Deck (yes, i watch Disney! still haven't grown out of it...) said in one episode that they'd EAT GUINEA PIGS!!! I about fainted. but i have to see G-force!
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