1. louie_joey
    OH MY GOD. Simply AMAZING. What did you guys think?
  2. dra&pigs
    I loved it!!!!! I loved Vocal Adrenaline's version of Bohemian Rhapsody (I love the original version, and I love Jonathan Groff. Sooo... Win!)
    I didn't really like that they did Don't Stop Believin', even though it made sense because of the Journey thing. I did love that Santana and Puck got to sing a verse!
    Quinn and Puck's baby is adorable, and I'm glad Shelby ended up adopting her...
    I did NOT like that Rachel wasn't there though. I didn't like that one bit!
    I'm a bit of an over the top Gleek... Pardon me :P
  3. louie_joey
    Haha, yupp! I am a 100% Gleek and proud of it!
  4. 1frankie7
    I actually love it when they do don't stop beleiving, They do well with journey.
    I actually didn't really like vocal adrenaline that much, they looked way way to proffesional!

    Glee made me learn the song don't stop beleiving, because I heard them sing it. And I had to youtube it over and over!
  5. dra&pigs
    Really?? I like the song, and it was cool that they did it once, but I thought doing it twice was a bit of a stretch. :/
  6. 1frankie7
    I do think that they probab;y shouldn't have done don't stop believing. Nobody likes a one trick pony .

    I did like that they did faithfully. It sounded beautful.!!
  7. dra&pigs
    Yeah, Finn and Rachel sounded amazing with Faithfully. Cory Montieth and Lea Michelle have good on-screen chemistry, although I think Jonathan Groff and Lea have more so. However, I think that makes sense, considering they are best friends in reality, and they co-starred in Spring Awakening!
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