Who is your favourite character?

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  1. louie_joey
    Who is your favourite character?

    My favourite has got to be Quinn.
  2. 1frankie7
    Mercedes, and rachel. I also do like quin, but for musical talent mercedes and rachel.

    Just as a favorite character in general. I actually sort of like finn.
  3. louie_joey
    Haha, yeah Rachel is classic! I cried so harn when they egged Rachel in the last episode.

    I like Finn as well- I believe he is Canadian too!
  4. medusa_stew
    team Quinn!!!!!!!!!
  5. 1frankie7
    I too thought it was wrong for them to like egg her, I don't get it. All because of that weird music video(during which I laughed my pants off!!).
  6. louie_joey
    "team Quinn!!!!!!!!!"
    Haha, yeah! Virtual high five!

    frankie, what music video are you talking about?
  7. 1frankie7
    "run joey run" You might be able to find it on youtube if you missed it. It was supposed to be sad, but I laughed really hard!!
  8. louie_joey
    Haha, that was so freaking hilarious! I laughed so hard that I cried.
  9. sdpiggylvr
    I have to say I love Quinn. But they're all awesome.
  10. dra&pigs
    Hmmm... I love them all! I think my favorite guys would have to be Artie or Kurt, and my favorite girls Quinn or Mercedes.
    But Puck was right when he said he's easy on the eyes
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