Are you a veg head?

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  1. AnimalHouse36
    So, don't excactly know hoe to use this placw! But we can learn!

    So who here is a veg head and how long have you been one? Oh, and why you become one?

    I've been vegetarian for a year (well it will be in ONE days!).

    I did it just because I didn't like the killing of animals, but then I learned about the TRUE horrors!
  2. guineapigluver1
    I have been a vegetarian for about one year now. I did it because I truly did not really like the taste of meat, rarely ate it, and hated the way animals are treated.
  3. CavySpirit
    I remember as a kid, well, mid-teens I guess, that it would always be best to eat as low on the food chain as possible. It just made sense to me. Common sense from a health point of view, from a overall ecological point of view and most importantly from a animal "rights" point of view.

    That was way, way before the internet. And I grew up in the country with meat lovers and hunters.

    It's been and continues to be a struggle to me to be a vegetarian. But, once I started doing rescue, more animal issues were constantly crossing my path and that's been more motivating for me.
  4. AnimalHouse36
    CavySpirit; Have you seen earthlings? I haven't but I know it's changed people's LIVES. It's a vegan video though. I can't wait to go vegan!

    But the video is ***very*** graphic. I here you'll need a box of tissue's for it. Would you like me to post it for you? 'm sure it'll help you HEAPS when you want some meat.

    For me going veg wasn't all that hard. I tried before but didn't get much support from anyone. Peolple would always say "You wont' last a week". Well here I am a year later waiting to be vegan! The first month was terrible..but after that it was just natural!
  5. pennykit&amanda
    I looked up Earthlings... I'm 30 minutes in... I can't stop crying!! I'm honestly never eating meat again! That is so... there are no words that can describe that, it is very VERY graphic!
  6. banjosnotbombs
    I've been veg for.. 4 or 5 months, I haven't really been keeping track. I know this might sound kind of stupid, but I don't know exactly why I became one. The desire was just in my heart one day. It was kind of like I had an epiphany, it just made so much sense to me.
    I struggle with being vegan though. Avoiding beeswax in products has been so hard!

    I tried watching Earthlings before, and I couldn't handle it. It was too graphic for me. I think I'm going to try again though.
  7. pennykit&amanda
    My power went out about 40 minutes into it. I'm waiting for it to load now, I have to watch the rest now matter how much I cry.
  8. AnimalHouse36
    Yeah it's pretty messed up.

    I saw about ten minutes of a program by PETA on HBO. I saw them killing a mink by basing in it's face, and thenm chopping off the beaks of young chicks with a hot blade. They had a little asembaly line going. I also saw them slitting a cows throat. :,(

    I Encourage veryone to watch earthlings.
  9. ColoradoMama
    I've been a vegatarian for a little over 4 years now. I think to explain why one makes this decision is almost impossible to put in words without going on a rant. I just don't understand what gives us the right to torture, murder, cook, and eat another living being. For example, I wouldn't want anyone to eat my son, so why would I want to eat veal. Now...some may think that is extreme way to put it, but who are we to decide that a cow baby is more important than a human baby. We are a highly evolved species. We do NOT need meat to survive. Not only can we survive without it, but we thrive without it. Vegatarian and vegan diets have been extensively researched, and have been found to be highly beneficial when practiced responsibly. Maybe if people had to kill their own food they would think twice. But everything is all nice and neat and packaged for us. We don't have to witness the truth.
  10. AnimalHouse36
    Nice post CM. I know. People are just horrible beings some times.

    I think somebody should make a thread jsust deticated to venting about the common omnivour!

    I plan on going vegan one I'm out on my own. And getting all my future dogs onto a vegan (or vegetarian) diet. I feel horrible everytime I have a glass of milk of a peice of cake. Because with every glass, there's a hunk of veal in there and the thought just makes me sick.
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