Tell us about your hammie(s)!

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  1. xoLauraox09
    Please tell us about your hammie(s). Feel free to post pictures!
  2. xoLauraox09
    Ok I'll start.
    I have one syrian hamster called Coco.
    Not sure how old he is but he is still young.
    I got him in a petshop ( I know ).
    I just tamed him!
    I am making him a bin cage. Well two, stuck together.
    His favourite thing is when I refill his water bottle and its very cold.
    His favourite treat is yellow pepper.
  3. 1frankie7
    Okay I dont have a hammie but I really do love them!!

    My friend has 2 dwarfs, She bought them at a pet shop(I have tried to tell her otherwise!). They are females(she thinks one is male! UGH and is still housing them together. And when I look at her and go. Your still making them live together!?! she just goes,yeah.) dilly(her name is dilila) and snow white.
  4. xoLauraox09
    I love dwarfs! But I never owned one.
  5. Cold Sandstorm
    Cold Sandstorm
    I have had two hamsters, my first one was a dwarf. His name was Duke, he wasn't the nicest though. After he passed away a few months later I got another hamster. His name was Shakespeare he was a teddy bear hamster. Shakespeare was extremely nice, in the two years I have had him he never bit me. He died in December, from old age. I really miss him, but in a way I am very happy I got to take care of him in the time I had him.
  6. xoLauraox09
    R.I.P Duke and Shakespeare
  7. Camerafreak
    I have had many hamsters. My first that I can remember was named Taco. I'm not sure what kind she was but she was the sweetest hamster ever. She would even give me kisses on the lips. I noticed one day she was very bloated and was scratching a lot so I took her to the vet and the vet asked me to give her stuff for gas and alergies. I did and a few days later I went to pick her up to give her, her medicine and she had scratched her eye to the point that it was enlarged and bleeding. We rushed her to the vet where we were told we could have it removed or put her to sleep. Or course I asked them to have it removed and when we showed up to pick her up in the next two hours we were told that she passed away after her surgery. My heart was broken. I then got a dwarf robo who bonded with my girlfriends hamster so I gave her to her. The two hamsters ended up killing eachother(or so my girlfriend said but I think she didn't take care of her). Now I have Taquita. She's a bit of a pain but I still love her. She probably is the most spoiled hamster I've ever had.
  8. ameyjaney
    I've had three hamsters:
    Queenie - a golden syrian
    Pumpkin - an extremely cheeky hammy who adored people from day one

    Hopefully getting new addition(s) very soon
  9. animallover2424
    I don't have a hamster but I am trying to talk my parents into letting me get a Syrian hamster for Confirmation! (which is in 2 weeks)
  10. Jenni_Feathers
    I love hamsters! Don't have any at the moment, but here was my little Goldilocks.

    She passed away about a year ago at the age of 2 1/2, of I guess natural causes (not sure why- it was very unexpected). She was a spoiled little girl with a massive cage (modified petstore "xlarge" rabbit/gpig cage) and tons of toys, and her favorite treats were oats and hard boiled egg. She was a sweetie and never once tried to bite anyone.

    I'd love to adopt more hamsters in the future, maybe a pair of robos, but I have no set in stone plans in the moment. Now isn't really the best time anyways.
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