Small Animal rescue. Would I be taking on too much?

  1. IluvePiggies
    As I know, I'll need the following:
    1: Devotion of my time to take care of the animals
    2: Finances to care for the animals(As in, I will be a vet tech)

    The Animals I would rescue: Chinchillas, Rabbits and Guinea Pigs.

    I LOVE Animals with all my heart and would care for each one and would hopefully have enough finances to host a rescue. I would probably start off with Piggies and Chinchillas then Rabbits but still not for sure.

    Any tips would be VERY helpful!
  2. teamsfm
    I have been volunteering and fostering for a dog rescue for about 6 years. It is expensive and time consuming but very fulfilling. About a year ago I took in my first chinchillas and have been taking them in since. Chinchillas in particular are very expensive to care for and I only have one room to put them in so I only take in boys. A good chin cage is about $200 and it is at least another $200 to stock it up with the things they need. I have to order just about everything on line because I the pet store don't carry any chin safe products even though they say they do. I have been lucky so far and have just had to pay for basic vet visits but if anything big comes in the vet bill are high. Check out for chin info. I just took in my first piggy rescues and that seem a lot easier. You just have to be prepared to buy cages and supplies. I haven't had one rescue come in with adequate supplies. People just don't know better. If you can, hook up with someone that is already doing rescue. They can alway use financial help, your time and foster homes. Good luck!
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