Most memorable experience

  1. sdpiggylvr
    What was your most memorable experience while either pet-sitting or babysitting? Mine was when a child I was babysitting had a dirty diaper. While I was changing his diaper, his older brother threw a toy at him, which hit his face. He started crying, the older brother started crying, and I just about starting crying as well! Talk about chaos! What was yours?
  2. kcandy18
    my most memorable experience was getting locked out of the house. after we painted shirts, we went outside. Well, Sophia went back in to get a different coat, and the door was locked. after many failed attempts at picking the lock, and searching for a key, i took them a couple blocks up to my house, they held my pigs, i gave them a snack, and we walked back. we were playing outside, then tried again, and, whatdya know, they was a key right behind us on some buckets. didn't that make me feel like an awesome sitter? (if you didn't catch that, that was sarcasm.)
  3. 1frankie7
    Oh man, well this was actually just a few days ago.

    I was babbysitting three boys, ages 4, 6, and 9. Well, I was making them dinner, and one of them threw a toy mouse at me, I put the toy away and put the one who threw it in time out.

    Well, that didn't work, because right after this he took out a plastic cat toy, and threw it at me, he missed(thankfully, you'd think), and it hit the sauce I was making(to go on the pasta, for dinner), it slashed on the oven, while this sauce was sizzleing and burning, the 9 year old came in and decided he wanted to help. I said "if you really want to help, can you please keep your brothers out of the kitchen" Once the oven was off I cleaned it.

    Before this, we made muffins... Lets just say. Apperently a table is a chair, and get down means jump up and dance around, You grt to stir, he gets to put in the butter, means lets all fight over the bowl and get me FULL of batter.

  4. BonBon
    I was babysitting five chickens for two months while their owners were in the Netherlands. I had to got to their house twice a day, and one night I went a little late after going out to dinner. Well, four of the chickens were safely in their coop, waiting for me to close their door for the night. But I couldn't find the fifth, Blacky. My sister and I are freaking out, it's 10:00 and we're worried about all sorts of predators that could eat Blacky. We search for about two hours until we give up and go to close the door for the other chickens. We're about to walk away, when we see a rustling in the corner. Of course, it's Blacky. She had been there the whole time, just not snuggling with the others. That was the happiest and most frustrated I have ever been to see a chicken.
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