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My Life As a Cavy Mom

Possible [N e w] Piggy? \\ Updates!

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Hello there!
It's been quite sometime, yes? Sorry about that, I've been super busy! Anyhow, I might be taking on a new rescue - who doesn't even have a name! Poor guy is owned by the same gal who gave me Abu...she's decided to get rid of her pigs! If only I could take them all in...

Now for some updates on Abu and Tuffy! Tuffy has been growing out a just beautiful long coat. It's gorgeous!
Abu has been great, too - always curious about everything; rarely a nervous guy.
The other day I took the two into our guest bathroom, and blocked off the parts near the toilet, etc. I've got some outstanding photos from in there! ^.^
Until next time (hopefully sometime this week?)!

- Mady

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  1. Supermissdeedee's Avatar
    Pictures? Of the maybe new rescue and current piggys?