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Oh I so long to adopt a cute little pair of rats, but sadly it wont happen . The local SPCA had a mother rat and a ton of babies, 6 females including the mother and two or three males. Im not sure if its all one litter or just they had a couple extra and decided to put them in with the litter, (the males and females are in two seperate cages) but I really want to adopt one. Because I volunteer there i noticed the large amount and I asked why, and the supervisor person was like "do oyu want to adopt one?" and I had to explain how my mom hates the tails, and thats why i have a hamster and guinea pig, not mouse or rat :/. I just really want one, but its probably never going to happen...

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  1. Kelsie's Avatar
    I'm so sorry to hear that your Mom doesn't want you to have a rat. I understand the tail thing. I hear that from so many people. I've had rats as pets for over 20 years and honestly I just don't get the adversion to their tails.
    I bet if your Mom got to know rats she would fall in love with them. As you know from your work at the shelter rats make such wonderful pets. But at least you're lucky that your Mom understands and allows you to have a Guinea Pig and Hamster. I know some kids who aren't allowed any rodents at all. When you have your own place you can get your rat and maybe then you can work on changing your Mom's opinion of them.
  2. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    I used to hate their tails until I got one from the pet store I worked at. And I loved the tails after that. And then two years ago I saw two hairless babies and I started into rats again.