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Well I have finally decided what to do. Its a sad decision, but it has to be done. I know it will be nearly impossible for me to have a guinea pig in college, and Oscar will live through my highgschool years, so I know what I have to do. I wont be getting any more pigs, for a while, at least until im ready. Dont get me wrong, im keeping Oscar until hes gone, but I know that with my very busy schedual, I cant get any more. As much as its sad to me, and I cant think of myself not having any pigs, or small animals, which im very devoted to. I have always been interested in rats, and through research I have seen that they only live three years, and I have thought about maybe adopting some. There has always been an abundance of them at the local spca, but my mom absolutly loaths them. Maybe I will just stick with hamsters...whatever it is, it sadly cant be guinea pigs. I just dont have the time that guinea pigs require in college, even though im not even in highschool, knowing me, im going to be very busy. Im already super busy, and I have to make special time to care for him already, its just been very tight right now. Well, these are my big decisions, and any advice would be great!

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  1. RubyRain's Avatar
    It's a very responsible decision and I applaud you on your maturity to make such a tough choice. It shows that you really understand what it means to put the pig first.
    It might be tough, but you can enjoy Oscar in the mean time.