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Today was mothers day, as well as a nice day in general, so after going to the beach with my family, I took my piggie Oscar outside for his first time in the grass when he was with me. There is no fertalizer and no pestacides as well as its out of the range of where the dog run is so there was no dog poop and more grass. He mostly just sat there eating up all the grass, I gave him a bit of dandilion as it grows a lot in my yard. I took him in after clipping his nails outside, but he seemed to really like it!

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  1. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    Has he ever had grass before? Watch him to be sure he didn't eat too much. Because of the foxtails I can't give mine any until the season is over, then I'll give them only a little at a time until they're used to it again.
  2. KateandOscar's Avatar
    No he hasn't had grass before that I know of, but I think his previous owner did bring him out a couple times in the grass. He was only eating it for a little bit, maybe five minutes, before I had to bring him inside again. I'm sure he didn't eat too much. I hope to give him longer periods of time outside and introduce him a bit more. I'm also making a piggie garden with herbs and veggies like peppers and cilantro for him so it will cost less money for us as well as being fun!
  3. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    That'll be great for him amd you. I figured you'd be careful but I had to ask. I couldn't help myself.