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Hay! It's not just for Eating anymore!

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I thought I would give this blog a try, so I can look back and read on my girls adventures.

I finally got a digital scale and weighed them both today.

Jake-474 G, which is a hair over 1 pound.

Cinnamon - 491 G, which is 1 lb, 1.3 ounces, give or take.

The girls have started to recognize the sound of veggie bags. They demand veggies whenever I open the bottom drawer of the fridge, so they recognize that.

Cinnamon is nearly done with her meds for the UTI she had and is doing great. As a result of the UTI I will be switching over to all fleece as soon as the remaining kiln dried pine is gone. I will just put extra towels under the hay rack.

They are loving their new beds I made them which is great.

They take turns climbing into the hay rack and eating their way out. Which is just funny watching Cinnamon try to climb her big butt up there. *L*

I'm not sure either of them enjoys floor time as they just hide in their hidey hole. It's an ongoing trial though and I will not give up.

I think that's all for now. I will continue to weigh them every other day until they reach six months then switch to once a week unless they seem sick.

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