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Wanting a piggie....

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For some reason I recently have been wanting to adopt a piggie friend for my Oscar. My parents wont allow it, that I know, but just recently I have been badly wanting one. The is a little cutie boy at a rescue near me, his name is Junior, and already I think of him as mine because if he is still there by my next birthday, which Im hoping he is/isnt if you know what I mean, then I will probably get him. He is shorthaired, white and tan, and the cutest little babay ever! I think he is 7 months old, maybe, I dont remember, but I really want to adopt him. I could give him a great home but My parents definitly dont want to get another pig. I just need to do some convincing . Oscar loves his new home, always running around, but it looks so lonely, too big for just one and needs another to play with him. Well, hopefully I can adopt him, Ill be asking though I probably wont be able to get him.


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  1. Kimberly713's Avatar
    Depending on how old you are I wouldn't rush into getting a young pig. If you plan on going to college in a few years and will have 2 pigs whom your parents don't want, you'd have a hard time not only letting them go but finding a home for senior pigs. If you get another I'd go for an older pig maybe 3 or 4 yrs old depending on your age. Not many people want older pigs so that would be good in its own.
  2. KateandOscar's Avatar
    I have thought about getting an older pig, but the thing is im not even in highschool, so I have at least another four years, plus the college I want to go to is very close to my house and I may be able to stay with my parents, or get apartments right near there that would allow small animals. My parens do know how to care for the guinea pig though because they often have to care for him when im gone for the night or weekend.
  3. Kimberly713's Avatar
    It's just something to think about, let me tell you things don't always go as planned. I can vouch for that from experience. I had plans to go to college close to home and all that, then my parents decided we were going to move across the country to some random state. So now nothing I had planned is going to happen.

    Hopefully you can figure something out that will benefit everyone, even your parents. In four years time, I guarantee your parents would be well attached to Oscar and a possible second pig, though. My parents LOVE my two girls and we've had them just under a year. Good Luck.
  4. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    If your parents don't want you to have another pig they're not going to want to take care of two of them. It'll be harder to find a home for a four year old pig when you go to college. In case you can't find a place to have them.

    Hopefully you won't have to find a home for two. Just something to consider.