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Buying a house!

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As you know, we've been looking for somewhere else to live. Rent is crazy high where we live so we started looking at houses for sale. We found one for $55,900. It was foreclosed and is vacant. We went to look at it on Monday and I fell in love! So then we went to see if we could get a loan for it, and we are preapproved! Last night we made a contract on it, and bid for the asking price. The only way somebody else could buy it would be if they offered cash money. Hoping it doesn't take long for them to accept our contract.
It has three bedrooms, one and half bath, and a basement. Outside there are two sheds and the fence is really nice! Carpets and walls need cleaned, but I figure that will just give me something to do.

So how long does it usually take for the bid to be accepted??

Wish us luck!

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  1. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    That is so great!! I hope you get it!! I'm crossing my fingers.