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Rescued Squirrel!

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So not exactly a guinea pig but same family!

They other day (Wednesday) we had some powerful winds, I believe they were up to 45 miles an hour. Well I have been keeping track of a squirrel family as they have been stealing stuffing from our patio furniture to make their nest. ANYWAY, the wind knocked their nest completely apart.

Around 6:45pm Wednesday, my dog was outside (with his muzzle on to keep him from eating the neighbors dog who is ALOT bigger than him). I went to bring him in and he had something in his mouth, mind you my dog is a 12lb yorkie. So I made him drop it and ran him inside and let the baby sit, but didn't see momma. So I put him in a towel and set him out and once night fell momma still hadn't come so he spent the night inside warm.

Thursday morning I put him out, this time it was freezing (did I mention our weather is bipolar? It was 85 degrees MON and today it was 37 degrees). When I came home from school momma hadn't come so I refilled his hot pad and set him closer to the new nest, but night came and no momma. Once again another night inside.

Today I left him inside as it sleeted, then snowed then rained today. So my wonderful friend took me to our wildlife center and now my little squirrel will live! They applauded me on my wonderful care and how I managed to keep him temperture up. (ok so I was a little OCD about changing the hot pads). I will call in a few days to check on him. He had his eyes closed still but was fully furred. here are some pictures.

Size comparison. He was the size of my cell phone.

Cute shot of him. Yes for sure a BOY.

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  1. Camerafreak's Avatar
    He is absolutely adorable! I am so glad you rescued the little guy. I have had my share of rescues with birds so I know how you must be feeling! It's always a joy to save a little animal.
  2. louie_joey's Avatar
    He is adorable! Good on you for taking him in!
  3. Supermissdeedee's Avatar
    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH he's so adorable! Great job for saving him!