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Peruvian Love

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I was vacuuming out the cages today and Little Sancho was running around like a crazy person. Sancho is a Peruvian. He is just shy of 3 months old and is white and cocoa colored.

His hair is getting so long. I picked him up and brushed him today. He wasn't thrilled and his wheeking really had my dog on alert. I have a Newfie/Golden Mix. She is all black and her name is Sister Mary. She is Almost 2 years old and just a love. While I was brushing Sancho and he was wheeking for dear life, she sat next to us and was whimpering. She kept pressing her nose against him and looking up at me.

Finally the ordeal was over and I put the comb down. Sister gave him a big fat lick across his face and got him all slobbery. Sancho then pooped and it fell on the floor. Sister ate it. She probably thought she was being rewarded for being his protector.

That dog is CRAZY about pig poop.

I swear, I lead the most charmed life. *laughs*

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  1. KateandOscar's Avatar
    Haha this sounds like my house! I have a little peruvian who is 3 or 4, im not sure, and when he poops my 2 year old dog likes to eat it...I dont understand it but he likes it, he's weird.
  2. Deb's4Pigs's Avatar
    My dogs love all the small animal poops. They think its candy.