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Cage Cleaning Fun

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Does anyone else love cleaning their pig cages? I do. I really really do.

Okay, I don't actually look forward to it on Mondays but, I know it has to be done and it's always a hoot. I boot the pigs to one side while I roll up the fleece and towels and fix up one side of the cage. Then I scoot them over to the other side, roll that bedding up and then lay down the rest. I do squirt each side down with vinegar and wipe it out really well with paper towels. I also clean out their hay bin with soap and water, clean out their pellet bin and wash it with soap and water and swap out water bottles. I scrub down toys, sweep around the cage and rearrange stuff. Everything always looks so clean and brand new and they look so happy.

I only started using fleece bedding about two months ago. I was using CareFresh their kitchen area but stopped that about two weeks ago. Our house is now litter free! *laughs* Having these little guys has been so much fun. Having them wheek and popcorn while I work in my studio is so much fun.

About once a day I vacuum out the cages, lift up their houses and freshen things up. They have become such a fixture here that, I cannot imagine not having their noises and smells around me all the time.

I am so smitten.

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  1. kaite13's Avatar
    I feel the same way! I love the happy look on their face when they run around in a fresh, new cage!
  2. Supermissdeedee's Avatar
    Ugh I hate cleaning my cage. Only because my guinea pigs make it challenging! They distract me, they make me pet them and snuggle with them and then they squeck for veggies! Oh who am I kidding I love cleaning the cage!